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Iranian Cherry


Iranian Cherry

گیلاس ایرانی

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Cherries are the most well-known stone fruits around for its attractive color, deliciously bursting flavor, succulence and smell. They are round and oval-shaped and usually have slender, pliable, and fibrous green to brown stems attached to it. It is a beautiful fruit with its solid shade of bright red, or dark ruby to almost black color. Its skin is taut, smooth, glossy, and semi-thin, while its flesh can be firm, soft and juicy.

گیلاس یکی از خوشمزه ترین میوه ها و یک آنتی اکسیدان معجزه گر با انواع ویتامین و مواد عالی برای سلامتی بدن است و انواع آن در سه نوع قرمز، سیاه و زرد می باشد

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Farsi Title گیلاس ایرانی
Product Brand Cartimi
Unit 500g
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