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Low Sodium Bottled Drinking Water Oasis

6 x 1.5L

Low Sodium Bottled Drinking Water Oasis

بطری آب با سدیم کم اواسیس

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The specifications of safe and good drinking water are as follows: Drinking water is removed and treated from coarse salts such as sediments and sand Treated drinking water from chlorine and chlorine byproducts Treated drinking water from a variety of carcinogenic salts such as nitrate, nitrite and arsenic Drinking water with sweet taste and smell Drinking water includes useful salts required by the body such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc. Alkaline ionized drinking water that has antioxidant or anticancer properties. Good and healthy water and the best water to drink has many indicators such as hardness, pH, exact amount of each good and bad ions, taste, smell, no microbial contamination and ...

انتخابی سالم برای سبک زندگی فعال است. مشخصه آن عدم وجود سدیم در ترکیب آن است.

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Farsi Title بطری آب با سدیم کم اواسیس
Product Brand OASIS
Unit 6 x 1.5L
Supply In Store
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