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Lasagna With Special Spice Tak

250 g

Lasagna With Special Spice Tak

لازانیا سریع پخت شیاردار تک ماکارون

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‎Lasagna is one of the most attractive and delicious foods that many of us can't say no to. of course, making it requires a little patience, but it's worth the result. to make this dish, you need to boil the lasagna sheets and place in the bottom of the dish that you have oiled, and place one among the layers of meat and lasagna sheets to reach the highest part of the container. then put it in the oven and see if it can be said no to a few minutes. finally, pour on that sauce to stimulate everyone's appetite by seeing it. lasagna sheets such as pasta, pasta and noodles are made from semolina flour, with 200 kcal per 55 grams.

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Farsi Title لازانیا سریع پخت شیاردار تک ماکارون
Product Brand Tak MAKARON
Unit 250 g
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