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Spinach Yogurt 5% Fat Kalleh


Spinach Yogurt 5% fat Kalleh

ماست بورانی اسفناج 5% چربی کاله

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Kalleh Spinach yoghurt is a fabulous product with magical taste and benefits. This delicious yoghurt is made from fresh cow’s milk, fresh cream, fresh spinach, and fresh garlic. Spinach is a perfect source of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, iron, and minerals necessary for bones, skin, and hair health. The fibre content in spinach will help with constipation issues and improve gastrointestinal function. Spinach yoghurt has a soft texture, medium consistency, and low salt content. Using Kalleh spinach yoghurt regularly will lower the blood pressure and control blood glucose, especially in people with diabetes. Kalleh spinach yoghurt has a unique and fresh taste. It can be a fancy complement to different desserts, snacks, and meals. Using Kalleh spinach yoghurt for a delicious soup will give you an excellent appetizer for parties and special events. Side your sandwiches, cooked meats, and roasted vegetables with this spinach yoghurt and enjoy every bite. It can be a perfect dressing for cooked cuisines. You can put a bowl of this spinach yoghurt as a unique dip on your dip platter. Kalleh spinach yoghurt, with its garlicky flavor and smooth texture, can add extra savoriness to your table. This yoghurt has a shelf life of 21 days refrigerated and unopened.
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