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Tahini Talaei Herang


Tahini Talaei Herang

ارده هرنگ طلایی

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This product is produced from mixing Tahini obtained from grinding skinless, roasted sesame with sugar powder, emulsifier and appropriate flavors and finally scrubbing the mixture until a soft fiber is made. Sesame cream is a nutrient and very delicious product which is being produced in three different tastes: Normal, Chocolate and coffee. This product has a great ability of spreading on bread, biscuit and etc. and has got a beautiful and complete packaging. Sesame cream is an appropriate meal which can be used for all age groups especially children and students.

فرمولاسیون این محصول بر پایه ارده (کنجد آسیاب شده) می‌باشد و به دلیل عدم استفاده از روغن هیدروژنه و پالم در تولید این فرآورده، به عنوان یک ماده غذایی مقوی، مغذی، بسيار لذيذ و سالم براي تمامی گروه‌های سنی قابل استفاده است.

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Farsi Title ارده هرنگ طلایی
Product Brand Talaei Herang
Unit 300g
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