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Thousand Island Dressing Bijan


Thousand Island Dressing Bijan

سس هزار جزیره بیژن

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Sauces are one of the most popular additives today.
The variety of tastes and colors of the sauces is well seen in today’s families.
Each sauce has its own uses and benefits, for example, some are used to taste food during cooking and some only beside food.
Today, the taste of consumers is highly considered in the preparation of sauces and has attracted its special lovers and low -calorie sauces.

به عنوان چاشنی همراه با انواع ساندویچ و غذاهای آماده، همچنین جهت افزودن طعم به انواع غذاهای گوشتی، سیب زمینی سرخ کرده استفاده می­گردد.

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Farsi Title سس هزار جزیره بیژن
Product Brand Bijan
Unit 450g
Supply In Store
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