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Mixed Organic Dried Fruits Tavazo

500 g

Mixed Organic Dried Fruits Tavazo

میوه خشک مخلوط اورگانیک تواضع

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dried fruits‎‎ are rich in fiber and antioxidants. ‎ ‎ fibers are very useful in improving intestinal health and lowering cholesterol, as well as helping to ‎‎control blood sugar‎‎ and stabilize weight. ‎ ‎ antioxidants also have many benefits on our health and beauty, antioxidants are protective and preventive of heart disease and cancers. ‎ ‎ in any case, what the properties of each fruit we know in its dried fruit nuts is also the same properties observed. ‎ ‎ there are a variety of vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium in dried fruits.
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Product Brand Tavazo
Unit 500 g
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